Ana Sofia Castellanos PhD

Collaborative Democracy

Portland State University


In my role at Portland State University’s National Policy Consensus Center, I apply a deep understanding of policy analysis and collaborative governance to address complex issues. My academic journey culminated in a PhD in Public Affairs and Policy, where I developed a keen expertise in data governance and agricultural policy. My journey into political science research—exploring populism, political parties, electoral systems, and direct democracy—has significantly broadened my analytical lens. This multidisciplinary background prepares me to navigate the socio-political dimensions of policy challenges, providing well-rounded and insightful recommendations.

  • Data governance policy
  • Collaborative governance as a tool to reach community consensus.
  • Democracy and mechanisms of direct and participatory democracy
  • Populism
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • PhD in Public Affairs and Polic

    Portland State University

  • MA in Comparative Politics

    University of Siegen

  • BSc in Political Science

    Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador


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Oregon National Consensus - Hatfield School of Government - Portland State University